Current Solicitations

We are currently soliciting proposals for examinations of the agencies listed below.  Click on the agency name to get more information about the agency and when the proposal is due.  A copy of the prior report is available in a pdf format for your review; just select the hyperlink file from the prior report column below.  It is the proposer's responsibility to understand our solicitation process, the services for which we are contracting, and the statutory requirements and operations of the agency.

In general, we will not hold proposers' conferences for small to medium sized agencies. The proposers' conference column below indicates whether a proposers' conference will be held. If you are interested in examining an agency for which a proposers’ conference will be held, we highly recommend that you attend the conference.

Please direct any questions about the solicitation for proposal or the agency to

Proposals must be delivered to the Louisiana Legislative Auditor via:

Regular Mail:

Brian Fleming

Louisiana Legislative Auditor

P.O. Box 94397

Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9397


Express Mail, Priority Mail, or Hand-delivered:

Brian Fleming

Louisiana Legislative Auditor

1600 North 3rd Street

Baton Rouge, LA 70802

All proposals must be received by the Louisiana Legislative Auditor (Baton Rouge physical location) no later than the time and date specified in the agency information.

Any proposal received and date stamped by the Louisiana Legislative Auditor after this deadline will be rejected and returned to the proposer.  Delivery to the post office does not constitute receipt by the Louisiana Legislative Auditor.

Location & Agency Name Prior Report Proposal Due Date Engagement Type
No solicitations at this time.