ESAC Portal for 2023

Welcome to the Louisiana Legislative Auditor's Equitable Sharing Agreement and Certification (ESAC) Portal

Background: Louisiana sheriffs that participate in the Federal Equitable Sharing Program through the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) or the U.S. Department of Treasury (DoT) are required to submit an ESAC report annually to the DoJ and DoT about money received from the program, including how this money was spent.

The Louisiana Sheriff’s Association, DoJ, and the Louisiana Legislative Auditor (LLA) agreed that the LLA would be a signatory/approver for this report. Prior to signing/approving the report, the LLA conducts a limited assessment of the report and related information to determine the accuracy of the report and the sheriff’s compliance with program requirements.

About the Portal: The LLA developed the ESAC Portal to provide sheriffs with a streamlined process for submitting their report and related documents to the LLA for review. The LLA requires sheriffs to use this system to submit these documents. Documents submitted by other means (e.g., e-mail) will not be accepted.

To begin using the system, use the Secure Login link, below, to log into the system.

If you need additional instructions, you may download the user guide below or contact Judith Dettwiller or Mike Battle at 225-339-3800.

Need Help? Please download the LLA ESAC Portal Directions.

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